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"Ms. Patrick knows me as an individual not just a case number. I came with a problem and she was there to assist me. Ms. Patrick is very professional in all aspects of resolving legal issues. Ms. Patrick is very up front about everything and everything is up on the table. Nothing is hidden. Ms. Patrick works in a very expedient, thorough, and efficient manner."
– S. Breedlove.

“Katrina Patrick is more than just a great lawyer. She is a caring and intuitive professional with great commitment to her clients and a keen knowledge of the inner workings of employment law. Katrina can take the edge off of an otherwise nerve wrecking situation with her calm demeanor and 'can do' attitude."
– S. Pilgrim.

"Even though I have been in law enforcement for several years, lawyers have always been suspect to me. But, in 2005, I met Katrina Patrick who began to change my ideas about attorneys. Ms. Patrick answered my questions and listened to my opinion on matters that concerned me the most. Ms. Patrick listened to me and understood how my case began to affect me and my family. I find that she is thorough and extremely savvy."
– K. Taylor.

"Personally, I have not dealt with too many law firms in Houston but for the few I have [had] to hire, I can say with full certainty that you are the best."
– E. Bedford.

"Ms. Katrina Patrick is definitely an attorney to have on your side.  She is extremely intelligent and very knowledgeable of the law.  She is not afraid of a little work....She always has her clients best interest at heart. I appreciated her for always being very honest and forthcoming with me. She kept me abreast of the status of my case....She exceeded all of my expectations."
– P. Jones.






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Employment discrimination cases are, by design, complex because of the emotional and physical investment that workers have made on behalf of the employer all in the name of earning an honest living.  Based thereon, below are a few tips that may assist the worker in his or her claims:

1. Document everything

2. Complain appropriately

3. Seek legal counsel immediately

4. Keep documentation


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