Firm Overview


Employment Disputes

  • Represented employees, alongside the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in several employment disputes: EEOC and Stewart v. Denny's and EEOC and Luckett v. Graco Interests, Inc.
  • Represented employees in several high profile, newsworthy discrimination cases.
  • Represented clients in single and multiple party litigation involving discrimination claims and various common law claims including but not limited to fraud, conversion, breach of contract, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of covenant not to compete, breach of fiduciary duty, business disparagement, tortious interference with contract, trespass to real property, etc.
  • Represented a UK engineering firm in employment matters involving a U.S. employee.
  • Represented a music management company in employment matters involving its employee.
  • Negotiated and drafted compensation agreements, settlements and severance packages.
    Investigated employee complaints, including but not limited to charges of sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • Defended multiple employers against unfounded discrimination claims by current and former employees.

Sexual Assault/Harassment Disputes

  • Represented four females who were sexually assaulted by a police officer.
  • Represented a female passenger who was sexually assaulted by a police officer following a traffic stop.
  • Represented three women sexually harassed and groped by owners and managers of the company.
  • Represented a minor child sexually assaulted in an apartment in a large apartment complex.
  • Represented a female customer sexually assaulted in an auto parts retail store by a store employee.
  • Represented a worker sexually groped and harassed by an upper manager in a Fortune 100 company.
  • Represented a minor child sexually assaulted in an after school daycare program by two other students.

Disability Discrimination/Harassment Disputes

  • Represented a bipolar worker who was harassed by management because of her medical condition.
  • Represented a worker with carpal tunnel syndrome who was repeatedly denied workplace accommodations.
  • Represented a cancer patient who was terminated after announcing his medical diagnosis to management.
  • Represented a mentally challenged employee who was mocked and harassed by management and peers including being called "Forrest Gump"

Age Discrimination/Harassment Disputes

  • Represented a senior worker who was repeatedly harassed and questioned by management as to his plans for retirement.
  • Represented a senior worker who was "laid off" because of slow business but was replaced by a younger worker.

Race Discrimination/Harassment Disputes

  • Represented fifteen Hispanic workers subjected to vile, inhumane acts by management of a popular donut company including but not limited to being called "wetbacks", made to work odd jobs like mowing lawns and handling animal feces without pay and having their testicles and buttocks groped by male managers.
  • Represented an African-American worker of a law firm who was subjected to unequal wages and racial slurs.
  • Represented an African-American employee who was referred to by her manager as "the n-word" in an email.
  • Represented Asian worker who was repeatedly harassed and mocked because of his accent and culture.
  • Represented an auto driver who was the victim of road rage when another hurled racial slurs at him and shot at him.

Wrongful Death

  • Represented decedent's family┬ábased on decedent's death caused by roadway trucking accident.

Unpaid Wages

  • Represented employees who were denied proper minimum wages and overtime wages.




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Employment discrimination cases are, by design, complex because of the emotional and physical investment that workers have made on behalf of the employer all in the name of earning an honest living.  Based thereon, below are a few tips that may assist the worker in his or her claims:

1. Document everything

2. Complain appropriately

3. Seek legal counsel immediately

4. Keep documentation


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